Service Terms

Contact the kmV support team at 815.387.4040 or at

kmV Service Terms & Conditions

1. kmV Remote Support & Hours of Service

a. kmV Support standard operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm CST. During this time customers can contact the kmV support team at 815.387.4040 or at

b. kmV has a limited afterhours support program that will handle each instance on a case by case basis. The kmV support team works as diligently as possible to provide support and address customer inquiries outside of the above listed standard hours. During this time kmV cannot guarantee a response or solution to customer inquiries. Consistent after hours support packages are available on a fee basis.

2. Installation Support

a. The standard kmV installation period (included in each proposal unless otherwise noted) is 70 hours (Typically seven – 10 hour working days.)

b. The kmV sales & support team will generate an outlined production schedule for the build of each purchase kmV iSight system promptly following receipt of the purchase order.

  • i. Included in the production schedule will be tentative key dates such as, pre-build visit, approval drawings, FAT, ship date, kmV installation and online commissioning.

c. In the event the requested ship and/or installation date of the iSight system is changed by the customer, kmV will request 10 days’ notice. This will enable kmV to properly reschedule production of the iSight system. Likewise, kmV shall provide the customer 10 days’ notice if scheduling should change on behalf of kmV.

d. kmV can only validate containers/container components (i.e. labels, neck finished, etc.) that are currently running in production.

  • i. During the online validation period, kmV requires 8 hours of production quality containers (per container). Containers need to be presented online, to the install vision system for final onsite vision system programing/commissioning/validation.

e. Unless otherwise noted, each proposal includes programing of up to three container variations (This can include, but is not limited to, label variation as well as container SKUs). Training will be provided to plant personnel to program the additional container variations.

f. Unless otherwise noted, each proposal includes a factory acceptance test (FAT), as well as online validation of one container variation during the onsite installation.

3. kmV Post Installation Support

a. For 30 business days following the installation of the kmV iSight system, customers will receive timely remote support at no additional charge; during normal kmV support hours (see above kmV Remote Support & Hours of Service).

b. For any new container/container components (labels, neck finishes, etc.) kmV will request 24 hour advanced notice for programing the vision system via remote support for these containers/container components. kmV will attempt to have a completed program for the new component within 48 hours maximum. Containers need to be running on the line in order for kmV to acquire images to program the vision system. During this time the vision system will not inspect containers for defects. kmV will request 1000 images for new container/container component programing.

4. kmV Continuing Support

a. kmV remote support is available during the standard operating hours as well as the limited afterhours period after the 30 day Post Installation Support Period. kmV will promptly notify the customer of estimated charges in the form of written/electronic documentation if the resolution requires extended support.