Our Process

Our bottle inspection process adheres to a straightforward guideline: “good data in equals good data out.”  Our engineers engage our clients, ensuring a precise understanding of their needs and expectations.  Developed after years of experience, “our process and partnership drive success.”  Our detailed application assessment process includes:

  • Good & Bad Container Samples
  • Bottle Drawings
  • Numerical Inspection Specifications & Tolerances
  • Production Line Details
  • kmV Lab Assessments & Evaluations
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Budgetary Proposals
  • Confirm ROI
  • Site Visits/Surveys
  • Approval Drawings
  • Relationship Development

kmV Step-by-Step Customer Application Evaluation Process

Our detailed application process includes a thorough review of your site. We then analyze several samples of your products, to ensure each your kmV solution is tailored to meet your needs. One of our Mechanical Engineers then provide analysis, to ensure the system will fit into your workflow. Finally, after all careful planning has been completed, the project is developed. Download our kmV iSight Solution Process white paper for more information.

  1. Initial Application Review
  2. Feasibility Analysis
  3. Site Visit by Mechanical Engineer
  4. Project Development