iSight System

With the kmV iSight System, you have the advantage for complete bottle inspection.

Intuitive, User Friendly Operator Interface

  • From straight forward beginner basics, through full scale vision inspection and application programming.
  • Our operator interface is very straight forward and offers in-depth feedback, including:
    • on-screen text, indicating which applications are failing.
    • overall bottle inspection pass/fail percentages.

Automated Parameter Verification

  • Double-check all of your parameters, focus, and lighting.

Minimize Operator Involvement

  • Automated z-axis movement.
  • Encoder based container tracking.
  • Easily program varying sized containers.

TeamViewer Remote Support

  • Most instances are solved through remote support.


  • Basic training is included with all of our systems.
  • kmV can provide training for individuals to develop their own vision programs for new containers (additional charges may apply).